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Big Head Bandz invades POWER 105.1 and shares his journey with EMEZ


Los Angeles, California Apr 8, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – One day you can wake up and be interviewed on the #1 radio station in the world, POWER 105.1 NYC, living your dreams. You can also be living the street life, and your dreams never materialize. Major Recording Artist Big Head Bandz understands the fine line between life and death. The life of Big Head Bandz reads like a Spike Lee film and maintains multiple cliffhangers.    


Growing up with a profound religious upbringing, Big Head Bandz understood what the higher powers in life expected of him. Big Head Bandz maintained a different agenda and entered the dark world of hustling and moving weight. The allure of unlimited power, money, and defying America’s justice system mentally captivated Big Head Bandz.    


One day everything universally changed in his world, and his eyes say a different vision. Eventually, when a person uproots himself from their moral foundation, those teachings reverberate within a quintessential moment. Big Head Bandz transformed his life into being a successful entrepreneur, father, husband, and musician. Every dark episode of Big Head Bandz’s life provided a life lesson, which would mold his future moves.    


Big Head Bandz music possesses a unique lyrical advantage over his contemporaries. Big Head Bandz God-Given ability of raw instinct enables him to inject a unique blend of raw emotions and melody within his bars. Big Head Bandz got invited to sit down with POWER 105.1 radio station and share his story with millions of listeners. Sitting down with national radio host EMEZ was a significant highlight of his indie music career. Hip-Hop elites walk through the doors of iHeartRadio and share legendary stories.    


Big Head Bandz’s career is now trending north towards his planned destiny. Big Head Bandz understands ‘FAITH’ is what got him this far and through the storm. Big Head Bandz is CEO of Got Bandz Entertainment, LLC and a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.   The journey of Big Head Bandz is now televised here.  

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