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Cancellation Of The Prestigious London Business Awards For 2021

A sad year for the London Business Awards this year which has now been canceled for 2021.
The awards ceremony has been in operation for many years. The cancellation was due to uncertainties surrounding recent lockdown and Covid-19 uncertainties.
In recent years, the event has been hosted by the iconic London venue The London Olympics Park, the London Business Awards takes place every year during April/May. Broadcast live from Twickenham Park Stadium on Thursday 4th February, the West End venue will celebrate the best in commercial sector. Visitors are invited to attend a ceremonial kick off of the London Awards dinner and special pre nominations and voting ceremony before being presented with their trophies. This prestigious gala brings together the country’s leading business people and corporate executives from across London. The London Awards celebrates young upstarts as well as experienced executives and have long been a breeding ground for many top names in corporate London.

The London Awards recognises exemplary leadership, outstanding achievement, innovation and commitment to building a better city and society as well as highlighting different areas of business excellence. The Awards recognise both shortlisted candidates as well as the whole range of candidates across all sectors that have been shortlisted for their performances in London and throughout the UK. Shortlisted companies and projects are then assessed in terms of their commercial impact, strategy, performance and value for money. The London Business Awards also recognises those companies that have made positive contributions to the communities in which they operate.

Nominees for the London Business Awards are chosen by an independent judging panel comprising business leaders from across London. The Awards recognize companies and organisations that demonstrate the greatest degree of commercial impact, innovation and commitment to building a better city and society as well as highlighting different areas of business excellence. In addition to choosing shortlisted companies and projects, the Awards recognise other aspects such as leadership, strategy and innovation as well as corporate performance. The London Awards jury, which is made up of prominent business leaders, city Counsellors and other prominent business people, makes these Awards specific to London and provides examples from the last few years to inspire and reward those companies and organisations that make an important contribution to improving the social and economic fabric of London and its neighbouring regions.

In the case of the London Awards, you can be either a long standing company or organisation or an individual. Whether you are an organisation or someone who leads a team, it is essential to be nominated as one of the shortlisted. It is very important to ensure that the shortlisted company/ organisation has a strong track record for its commercial activities in London and in the UK as a whole. When you nominate a company for an award, it shows commitment and dedication towards its community and the country as a whole. You can use the London Awards to celebrate the growth of your company and highlight your commitment to the city’s development as well as highlight specific areas where you believe your company has made a significant impact.

To be shortlisted for London business awards, your company must fulfil a number of specific criteria set by the judges. As mentioned above, during the process, shortlisted companies may be required to submit additional information and data that will be assessed during the judging process. Companies that successfully receive awards will have the chance to take part in the London Business Awards’ corporate partners’ day in March. There are various partners that will be attending the event, including leading businesses and consultancies who have been nominated for excellence in the previous year.

To be shortlisted for an individual leadership award, it is important to make sure that you meet the specified criteria laid out by the judging committee during the previous year award. As mentioned earlier, you will need to make presentations at the corporate partners’ day in March and showcase the improvements that you have made to your business and services in the past year. These London business awards are an opportunity for you to not only show off your achievements but to also encourage others to go ahead with their own ideas and mission statements in order to transform their businesses. For example, if you were nominated as the London Business Awards’ best small business opportunity last year and this year you are not in a position to receive awards from any of the existing awardees, then you will need to work hard on developing your business in order to attract award attention.

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