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The Best MRI Scanner to Diagnose CCJ

Cranio-cervical joint instability is a problem that affects thousands of patients. It’s a condition that means the ligaments between the neck and head have become too flexible and stretchy. This could be the result of a defect or a previously healed injury. If left untreated it could cause pain, discomfort, dizziness and can cause permanent strain to the neck area, creating malformations of the neck and shoulders.

The problem is, traditional lay-down MRI scanners struggle to diagnose this issue because, when the patient is laying down, the strain on the muscles is in a different place. That’s where the upright MRI scanner comes in.

Upright MRI scanners were first created in 1996 as a booth type system. The patient enters the MRI scanner and sits on a chair. The scanner then takes images based on the neck and head structure as they are normally when the neck is tense and supporting the head. This means that CCJ is much easier to diagnose at a glance. Typical scans that can be carried out include an MRI knee scan, Shoulder, hand, feet, arms, head/brain and pelvis.

Introducing the Deerfield Upright MRI Scanner


CEO of Deerfield, Dr. Fox suggests that the Deerfield upright scanner has really made it easier for physicians to diagnose CCJ and CM much earlier on, meaning patients can get the help they need much sooner than they ever could with traditional MRIs.

“These conditions affect thousands of patients per year and until now physicians would have to guess as to the cause of neck pain. Again, these two things are only able to be visualized on an upright MRI scanner.”

The Benefits of Upright MRI Scanners


  • An upright MRI scanner helps to reduce patient anxiety. It removes the vulnerability of laying down in a traditional scanner and can reduce feelings of claustrophobia for the patient, making it a more pleasant experience for them.


  • It’s more comfortable for disabled patients or those with low mobility as they don’t need to get into a horizontal position and can simply sit in a chair, which may be more dignified and easier for them.


  • The chances of identifying the problem much earlier are higher as the muscles and bone structure can show stresses and tensions when holding the head at a normal angle. The pressures are often removed if the patient lays down, meaning that obvious signs cannot be identified.


  • The upright scanner takes up less space as it makes the most of vertical storage space by having all of the same technology but utilizing the floor to ceiling workspace.


  • It gives physicians the confidence to diagnose without the worry of misdiagnosis.


The Deerfield MRI Scanner


The Deerfield MRI scanner is set to change the lives of many patients and physicians alike, making it easier to identify problems to provide faster treatment and providing a less stressful experience for patients.

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